About Us


Delivering custom baseball bats

Hey everyone! Thanks for your support of our custom bat company! Our founder Dan grew up in the Midwest and lived to play baseball. He was the kid in little league that would wake up in the morning on the day of a game and wear his uniform all day.

He went to as many big league games as he could and grew up a huge Cubs fan. As Dan grew older and graduated high school he started playing in wood bat leagues and even tried out for a few major league teams.

It seemed he could never find a good bat off of the shelf in a big box store and custom bats were so expensive. Even after purchasing a custom bat he would have to figure out how to customize them even further in order to get them to stand out from everyone else’s bat that was lined up in the dugout or in the batting cage.

So, he bought a wood lathe, found a place to get billets and started turning bats himself! He still plays ball every weekend and turns all his own bats. Dan is passionate about bringing custom made pro quality bats to the public at an affordable price. Recently he started posting pictures of his work on social media and quickly began getting requests. Here we are and the rest is history!